This bibliography on Mary E. Walker, M.D. is an update from a reading list first created in Penfield Library in 1982. Since then, Dr. Walker has gained more notoriety and the interest in her life has spread across the United States. This guide, which focuses mainly on manuscript materials, is arranged by repository. Secondary sources of information within the repository have been listed if known. We have added some additional secondary sources at the end of the guide. If you know of other sources on Dr. Walker, please contact Penfield Library Special Collections, SUNY Oswego, Oswego N.Y. 13126

All materials cited thoughout this bibliography can be found in either the Reference, Circulating or Special Collections areas. Please inquire at the Research Help Desk if items cannot be found.

Ref = Reference Collection - First floor
Circ = Circulating Collection - Third floor
Spec Coll = Special Collections - Lower Level

Guide publication

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Dr. Mary Walker Just after Civil War, 1865, (Chapter 16), The National Archives, Division of Photographic Archives and Research.