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The material in the Dr. Walker collection consists of about 100 items, including letters, newspaper and magazine articles, and several books covering the years 1861 to 1980. The letters comprise nearly half of the collection and consist of family correspondence, three letters from temperance societies, and one from Dr.Walker to “The Honorable Senate and House of  Representatives.” The society  has Dr. Walker’s two diplomas from the Syracuse Medical College to practice medicine and perform surgery, and the original Executive Order for Dr. Walker’s Medal of Honor signed by President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of War Edward M. Stanton. They have an oil painting of Dr. Walker attributed to A.J. Hubbell, 1878.
The artifacts with the collection include Dr. Walker’s Congressional Medal of Honor, the Medal of Valor, and another small medal identifying Walker as extra assistant Surgeon in the Army of the Potomac during 1861. Other artifacts include her silk top hat and two medical cases. Numerous photographs spanning herlifetime are also in the collection. Most of these are copies although some are originals. The Oswego Historical Society also has scattered diaries kept by Dr. Walker’s sister, Aurora (Walker) Coates, from 1886 to 1900. These diaries discuss her sister Mary.


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Essay concerning the building of a "Consumptive School Sanitarium."  n.p., 1900.  [photocopy]