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HON 201: Wilson

Steps in the Digital Story Process

1. Write your script. Do not "freestyle" your video.

2. Record your voice over/get your raw material.

   a. Microphones are at the Check Out Desk

   b. iPod Touches are at the 2nd Floor Desk

   c. There is a microphone in the Multimedia Production Room

   d. Smartphones are excellent

3. Edit your voice over into a soundtrack using Audacity.

   a. Music and sound effects are a nice touch

   b. Remember to export from Audacity as an .MP3 or .WAV

4. Gather Photo & Videos

   a. Edit photos using

5. Add all media (photos, video, soundtrack) to Windows Live Movie Maker or iMovie

6. Put the movie together.

7. File --> Save Movie (in Movie Maker) or File --> Share --> File (in iMovie)

8. Send file to your professor.

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