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Search for articles

Here are a few approaches you can take to find articles:

  1. The library subscribes to about a hundred article databases! Most of them focus on a particular subject (or maybe a handful of subjects).

    • In the library website navigation, click on "Find Resources" and then select "Subject Guides." You'll see a list of subjects - choose the one that makes the most sense for your needs. The subject guide will list the best resources for that particular subject.
    • You can also go to our list of databases and choose your subject from the dropdown menu there.
  2. Start your search from the library homepage, and select "Articles only" from the dropdown menu. This is a good option if you're researching something that might span several subjects. For example, if you're researching 9/11, maybe you're interested in its psychological effects on Americans and the government policies and laws that resulted from it.

  3. Try Google Scholar. We've got more information on how to connect Google Scholar to library resources, so you don't have to shell out $45 for one article.

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