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Penfield Library Multi-year Collection Review: Home

About the Project

Librarians are starting our first comprehensive evaluation of the entire print collection at Penfield Library.  This project will result in a significant reduction in the print collection which will make our collection more current, relevant, and inclusive; make our books more accessible by wheelchair, and in preparation for future library renovations. 

If you have questions about the project, please contact Kathryn Johns-Masten, Collection Management Librarian or Sarah Weisman, Library Director.

Faculty and Staff Participation

  • We would like faculty and staff feedback in this review process.
  • Submit feedback about items you think we should retain on the Feedback form.
  • Alternatively copy a file to share comments/feedback by the due date
  • Are there other ways you would like to participate? Contact Kathryn Johns-Masten

Spring 2024 Reviews

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Spring 2024 Review

B Philosophy

BC-BD  Logic, Speculative philosophy

CB  History of Civilization

CC-CN  Archaeology, Diplomatics. Archives. Seals, Technical Chronology. Calendar, Numismatics, Inscriptions. Epigraphy

CR-CT  Heraldry, Genealogy, Biography

D History (General)

DA-DAW  Great Britain, Central Europe

DB-DC  Austria - Liechtenstein - Hungary - Czechoslovakia, France - Andorra - Monaco

DD-DF  German, Greco-Roman World, Greece

DG-DJ  Italy - Malta, Low Countries - Benelux Countries, Netherlands (Holland)

DJK-DL  Eastern Europe (General), Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics - Poland, Northern Europe. Scandinavia

DP-DR  Spain - Portugal, Switzerland, Balkan Peninsula

DS Asia

DT Africa

DU-DX  Oceania (South Seas) Subclass DX Romanies

E-F History of the Americas

G-GB  Geography (General). Atlases. Maps, Mathematical geography. Cartography, Physical geography

GC-GE  Oceanography, Environmental Sciences

GF-GT  Human ecology. Anthropogeography Anthropology Folklore Manners and customs (General)

GV  Recreation. Leisure

How it will Work

  • Librarians will systematically review portions of the collection, starting spring 2023 and continuing for the next 3-5 years.
  • The librarians will post a list of books that have been identified for removal from the collection.
  • Interested faculty are invited to review each list.
  • Faculty and Staff feedback on the items on the list can be submitted via the Feedback form.
  • Each list will be available for review for a month, after which point the materials will be removed from the catalog, processed for discard, and recycled.


Candidates for removal from the collection will be evaluated using criteria including circulation statistics, condition of the item, and outdated content. We also consider curricular relevance and availability of online access as factors when we decide to withdraw these items.

Current review criteria: Titles with zero use and with publication dates prior to 2010-2013 (depending on subject area).
Note: Materials purchased during the past 10-13 years (depending on subject area) are excluded from this review.

Collection Management Policy Scope

The community served by the Penfield Library is first and foremost the SUNY Oswego students and employees, and all materials acquired by the library will reflect the needs of this population. We support the resources surrounding and supporting classes to help SUNY Oswego students be successful. Due to space and financial limitations, the library cannot duplicate the collections and services of local public libraries.

Full Penfield Library Collection Management Policy

Deselection Lists

The following lists are available until November 1, 2023: 

Psychology  BF 
5778 total titles - 2521 on review list

Industries. Land Use. Labor HD 
6224 total titles - 3084 on review list

Transportation and Communications HE 
848 total titles - 536 on review list

Commerce HF 
2104 total titles - 1014 on review list

Finance and Public Finance HG-HJ
1000 total titles - 538 on review list 

Sociology (General) HM
2374 total titles - 1095 on review list



All files are copyable to allow for easier sharing and adding comments/feedback. Select File then Make a copy


Librarians use a variety of ways to talk about removing items from the colleciton.  The following terms all mean the same thing:

  • Deselection
  • Discarding
  • Removal
  • Weeding
  • Withdrawal


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