About This Guide

This guide includes a list of resources to help you find credible public, private, and non-profit company information. It includes an introduction to key business databases and instruction on how to use them to locate relevant articles and books about your company and related industry information.

Why use the librarian-recommended resources included in this guide rather than the Internet? Remember that your assignment requires that you use credible company information. Librarians have already identified credible sources and listed them here in this guide. An Internet search may seem easy but it takes time and expertise to identify credible sources found there. 

If you decide not to use the resources in this guide, we recommend you jump to the "Evaluate Your Sources" page to better understand what criteria you should use to judge the company information you find on the Internet.

Librarian Help

Nicole Westerdahl and Kathryn Johns-Masten are the librarians assigned to your course. They are ready to help with your questions by email and live chat. When they're not available, the library's AskaLibrarian service is also available 24/7.

Nicole and Kathryn will also be coming to all COM 211 classes to talk about research methods, good resources, and other topics related to conducting effective business research. We look forward to talking with you!