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HIS 100: The West and the World to 1500

Notes from October 6, 2017

The above link goes to a page with the the Research Process video and the Question-Discover-Use graphic. Your assignments for HIS 100 are designed to help you formulate research questions that will be of interest to other historians.

The databases and other resources on this guide will help you locate the historians that can help you learn about Einhard and Charlemagne. Humanities Source and RI-Opac will be particularly useful for medieval subjects.

This page provides a brief, general overview of the use of primary sources in history, and how primary, secondary and tertiary sources can be used together to learn from the primary source.

This guide is designed to promote critical literacy in contemporary political discourse. We used it in class to consider the possible uses and misuses of bias in a primary source no matter when it is written. The material the Introduction page and the Questions page may be helpful.

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