Your Information Landscape

The library worksheet assignment in HON 350 serves as a checklist of your familiarity with major library resources that you will be able to use for your thesis. It is also an opportunity to survey the information landscape for your project and begin to form a mental map of that landscape.,

Everything you need for the worksheet is presented on the library website. Be sure to take a look at any relevant Research Guides, particularly to note what specialized databases may be available for particular subject areas.

A librarian's note about this instruction:

1. Find general background information on your topic (and a bibliography) in an appropriate REFERENCE

A typical reference work in this case would be an encyclopedia, but other kinds of works provide the same kinds of background information. Some other examples would be a handbook, textbook, review article in a journal, or a professor's lecture. General background information includes a review of accepted knowledge on a topic, relevant contextual and historical information, and recommended sources for further reading.

Keep a Librarian at Your Side

 A Librarian can be an important partner in your work on your Honors thesis along with your thesis advisors. Getting acquainted with the Librarians for your subject areas and/or major will pave the way for a fruitful collaboration. Sometimes we can offer something you didn't know you needed.

Library Priveleges

Once you enroll in HON 350 you are eligible for longer due dates for books from the Circulating Collection and a subsidy for interlibrary loan fees that you might incur.