You may not need to request the dissertation or thesis through interlibrary loan!

On this page, we'll explain

How to see if a dissertation or thesis is freely available online

  1. If you've found a thesis or dissertation that you'd like to get, you likely found it in a library database. It's also likely the database says to request it via interlibrary loan, like in this example from the ERIC database.

    Look for the name of the university or college beneath the dissertation title. In this example, it's the University of South Florida.

  2. Search Google for the name of the university and the word "dissertations." If the college or university has a site for dissertations, it should come up in the first few results.

  3. Once you're into their site, search for the title of your dissertation. Depending on how old the dissertation is, it may be available on their site. In this example, we successfully found the dissertation in the University of South Florida's Digital Commons.

If this technique didn't work for you, you can go ahead and request the item through interlibrary loan. Instructions for that are below.

How to request a dissertation or thesis through interlibrary loan

To request a thesis or dissertation, you'll need to login to a system called ILLiad. If you're not already logged in, you'll be prompted to login with your Laker NetID & password.

If you've never used ILLiad before, you'll need to provide your contact information by completing the form that appears.

  1. Click "Thesis/Dissertation" under the New Request heading.

  2. Enter the information you have about the thesis or dissertation, and scroll down to Submit Request.