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Finding Articles on Program Evaluation

To find articles on program evaluation for your program, begin with a keyword related to your topic, and then add the word "program evaluation" to your search.

Psycinfo Search


In this example, I've used "reading and program evaluation" to find program evaluations for reading programs.

After searching for a keyword relevant to your topic such as reading and program evaluation, Psycinfo will suggest subjects that will be useful to you, such as "educational program evaluation." 



You can select any of the subjects to add these to your search terms.  This will be helpful if your program is in an educational setting rather than social services or healthcare as how they will evaluate programs will differ.




Major Journals on Program Assessment and Evaluation

Below are links to two major journals that focus specifically on program planning and evaluation.  You can use the links to search directly in those journals in addition to searching the major databases such as Psycinfo and Science Direct.  Just select the name of the database (i.e. Science Direct) to search directly within that journal.

Other Helpful Information