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This guide was compiled by Dr. Roberta Hurtado, members of the Latino Student Union, and Michelle Bishop in September 2021, and updated in 2023. 

The initial guide was developed by Dr. Hurtado and Sharona Ginsberg.

What is Latina/o/x Heritage Month?

Officially titled “Hispanic Heritage Month,” this 30 day sequence began as a week long celebration in 1968 called “Hispanic Heritage Week.” It was expanded in 1988 to begin on September 15th and run until October 15th. Several Latin American nations celebrate their independence days during this 30 day span, as well as critical moments in the histories of their nations as they fought for independence.

Latinos in the United States have rich and vibrant cultural traditions: from how we wear our clothes—even the kinds of clothes we wear—to the music we listen to, the food we eat, the books we read, the movies we watch, the cars we drive, and the art we create. We come from cultures that are African, Amerindian, Iberian, and many more that fuse and find tension in what is called Latin America and is then transformed in the United States. Our families have heritage from over 20 different nations, and all of these countries have their own unique and complex histories. This month is our chance to celebrate and share our cultures with the communities around us and even among ourselves. 

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