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Penfield Loves You Day 2021!: Home

Penfield Loves You Day 2021!

Alas, we can't ply you with cookies and coffee and crafts this year to show you our gratitude. Instead, here are some Valentine's Day activities that might brighten your day!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Coffee Filter Flowers. Just a couple coffee filters to make a rose!

Valentine Goody Bags Make goody bags for your podmates!

DIY Candy Heart Garland A simple craft with easy-to-get supplies.

Valentine Tic Tac Toe Snack Craft. A sweet treat AND a game!

DIY Pipe Cleaner Hearts Stick ‘em on envelopes, make a garland, or just toss them in the air!

Smooch Balloons If you’ve got an lipstick and some balloons -- or just about anything else that’s decorative -- you’re good to go!

Cut-Paper Flower Card No red paper? No problem. Any color will do. Decorate to your HEART's content!

DIY Lipstick Art. For that weird lipstick color you got from the bargain bin.

Valentine's Day E-Cards

We've done the searching for you. It's what we do. 

Blue Mountain



Other Fun Stuff

Someecards - Valentine memes.

Three-Ingredient Chocolate Recipes for Valentine’s Day - You’re welcome.

Three-ingredient, no-bake Valentine treats - A recipe for those who are oven-challenged. - Valentine’s Day backgrounds. LGBTQ+ friendly.

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