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SOAR- SUNY Open Access Repository

Guide for faculty, staff, and students to add published materials and thesis projects into SOAR.

SUNY Oswego Open Access Policy

The SUNY Oswego Open Access Policy was approved by SUNY Oswego Faculty Assembly and President Deborah F. Stanley in November 2019.  In summary, the Open Access Policy allows SUNY Oswego Authors to maintain legal control over their scholarly articles while making their work freely and widely available to the public. The policy does not require SUNY Oswego Authors to publish in open access journals, or to pay fees or charges to publish. The policy instructs SUNY Oswego Authors to deposit a version of each article in an open access digital repository. The deposited work will be made freely and openly available to the public. Items that cannot be shared will not be posted to the designated institutional repository.


The SUNY Oswego Open Access Policy is available in the SUNY DSpace at

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