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Adding Content to OswegoDL

Step by step explanation of everything you need to know to share your content in the Oswego Digital Library.

Quest 2020 Submission Information 

Uploading Your Work to OswegoDL

Oswego Digital Library

Welcome! OswegoDL asks for a lot of fields when you're uploading your work. Here are some tips on what information to put in which field:

Author: That's you! Enter your name as you would normally write it. If you have a co-author, hit the green plus sign so you can add their name in a separate box. 

Main Title: The title of your presentation.

Abstract: A couple sentences summarizing your work.

Note: If you're presenting on work you did for a course, enter the course number and your professor's name, like this:
Based on work for HDV 432 with Professor [professor's full name].

Publication Date: The date you presented your work at Quest, unless you've published your work elsewhere. (If so, list that date of publication.) For example: April 5, 2017.

Subject Keywords: List some words/phrases here that you think people might search for, related to your work. To add more than one, use the green plus sign to add additional boxes. For example:

  • children
  • mental health
  • pets

Publisher: If your work has been published elsewhere, list the publisher here.  Otherwise, you can leave this blank.

Resource Type: If you're going to upload a recording of your presentation, choose video or audio (whichever is appropriate). Otherwise, leave this dropdown set to Unknown

Related URL: You could link to your personal website / blog, your digital portfolio, a site where your work was previously published... whatever makes sense.

Upload Files: After you fill in the item description information listed above and click next, you will be asked to upload any related files. If you have a file you want to submit we suggest uploading a PDF for any non audio-visual submissions, like a conference paper, poster, or slideshow presentation. If you recorded any part of your Quest submission you can upload this as a standalone file or in addition to a PDF. 


Why Fill In All Those Fields?

OswegoDL asks for a lot of information when you upload your work. Everything you put in those fields is metadata. The more metadata you put in describing your work, the easier it will be for someone to find your work in their search results. 

Your work will be discoverable not just in OswegoDL, but also in search engines like Google. 

After You've Uploaded Your Content

After you've uploaded, you're not done! You need to edit the item you just uploaded so that it becomes part of the appropriate collection within OswegoDL.

If you've already clicked away from the uploading process:

  1. Make sure you're still logged in to OswegoDL. 
  2. Run a search in OswegoDL for the title of your work.  (You might need to add your last name to the search to avoid sorting through too many results.)
  3. Click on your item as if you wanted to read it. 
  4. Click on Edit Behaviors in the gray bar at the top of your screen.
    The Edit Behaviors link is between the Edit Metadata link and the Quality Control link.
  5. Change the Aggregations drop-down menu to reflect the collection you would like your work to appear in.
    So, if you uploaded your Quest presentation, choose Quest.  If you uploaded a DigitalOz project, choose The Creativity Lab

Still Confused?

Here's a video of the steps (no audio).

Ask a Librarian