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Adding Content to OswegoDL

Step by step explanation of everything you need to know to share your content in the Oswego Digital Library.

Your DigitalOz work in

Oswego Digital Library

Uploading Your Work to OswegoDL

OswegoDL asks for a lot of fields when you're uploading your work. Here are some tips on what information to put in which field:

Author: That's you! Enter your name as you would normally write it. If you have a co-author, hit the green plus sign so you can add their name in a separate box. 

Main Title: The title of your work.

Abstract: A couple sentences summarizing your work.

Note: Optional field; use it for anything you think people should know about this work.

Subject Keywords: A word or phrase describing what you wrote about, to help searchers find your work. To include more than one word/phrase, use the green plus sign to add the additional keywords in separate boxes. For example:

  • squirrels
  • dance parties
  • fencing

Publisher: If your work has been published elsewhere, list the publisher here.  Otherwise, you can leave this blank.

Resource Type: If you're going to upload a video, choose video. Otherwise, choose whatever is most appropriate - or leave this dropdown set to Unknown

Related URL: You could link to your personal website / blog, your digital portfolio, a site where your work was previously published... whatever makes sense.

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