What are resource guides?

There are a few different types of resource guides: 

  1. Subject guides: these are web pages that have been curated by your subject librarian; they show databases, ebooks, and other resources that the librarian has identified as useful for your discipline.

  2. Course guides: these are web pages that have been created by your subject librarian for a specific course.

  3. How-to guides: these web pages explain how to do various research or library-related tasks. We have guides on conceptual topics, like our Evaluate Your Sources guide, and more hands-on topics, like our Find Books guide. 

Have suggestions on how to improve the subject guide for your department? Want a librarian to create a course guide for you? Contact your librarian!

How can I include a resource guide in my Brightspace course?

Our resource guides are actually in your Brightspace course by default! If you click Library Resources in your course menu, it will take you to the subject guide for your discipline, or a course guide for that specific course.

Want a course guide for your class?

Contact your liaison librarian.

Want to link to another guide (like a how-to guide) in your course?

  1. First, find the guide you'd like to share, and copy the URL. (You can copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.)
  2. Once you've copied your link, head to Brightspace.
  3. Navigate to the module you'd like to add the link to. Click Upload / Create, then Create a Link

  4. Enter the guide title in the Title field, and paste the guide URL in the URL field.

  5. Click Create - you're done!