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AED 530: Methods in Art Education K-12

ProQuest Databases

Searching multiple ProQuest databases at once

  1. Click on one of the database links above. Then click Change databases.

  2. On the following page, scroll down until you see ProQuest Central Essentials. Check the boxes next to Arts & Humanities Database, Education Database, and Research Library.

  3. Click the Use selected databases button at the bottom of the page - then search for a topic!

Finding the permalink in ProQuest databases

  1. Click on the Abstract/Details tab above the article title
  2. Scroll down until you see the Document URL, and copy & paste it into a document. 

    Don't bookmark the URL! It will save the temporary URL instead of the stable URL.

Using ProQuest's citations

Many databases provide citations for their articles. These should only be considered a starting point - they usually get a few things wrong. In fact, ProQuest isn't even using the latest version of APA! See the Citing Sources section of this guide for more pointers on what you need to look for. 

In ProQuest, click on the Cite button, make sure APA is selected, and then copy the provided citation. (The last part in the example below should be removed.)

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