Calculators & Converters

  • Multi-purpose Sites
    • CalculatorPlus - is a comprehensive source of free online financial calculators; also includes Savings, Retirement, and Business calculators (break even, cash flow, financial ratios, profit margin, etc.)
    • Mortgage and Finance Calculators - "Over 100 Personal Finance Calculators;" a long list of calculator sites for mortgages, home and auto loans/leases, CDs, debit, credit, college savings, taxes, and retirement. Emphasis on mortgages, but plenty for all the other topics as well.
  • Currency Converter - current exchange rates
    • - just a quick, easy currency converter.
  • CPI / Inflation
  • Salaries / Cost of Living
    • The Salary Calculator - Use this calculator to compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. and international cities. Includes several other tools for figuring relocation costs, etc. Compare to:
    • Cost of Living Comparison - A calculator to compare cost of living between US cities.