Use PsycTESTS to find full texts of tests and measures.  This database from APA has information about almost 18,000 measures.

In addition, you can find DOIs in PsycINFO and put them into PsycTESTS. Click on the title of the article, then scroll down to see if there's a section called "Tests and Measures." If any of the tests listed has a DOI, it has an entry in PsycTESTS:

Need more help? APA has a great guide to PsycTESTS.

Mental Measurements Yearbook

Mental Measurements Yearbook

A database of descriptive information and edited reviews for over 7,000 commercially available testing instruments.  Print editions 1-17 (1938-2007) in Reference Storage BF 421 .B96.

ETS Tests and Measurements

ETS Test Collection

ETS Test Collection  A database of descriptive information about over 25,000 tests. Offers useful information about where the tests are published and how to obtain a copy

Measures for Clinical Practice and Research

Other Print Reference for Tests and Measurements

Print Reference Resources for Tests and Measures

Test Critiques, Ref Storage BF 176 .T418
Offers descriptions and critiques of psychological, educational, and business tests. References are included with each critique.

Measures for Clinical Practice: A Sourcebook, Circulating Collection BF 176.C66 2000 v.1-2
Provides actual instruments that "measure most of the common problems seen in clinical practice."

Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business, Ref BF 176.T43 1997
Presents concise descriptions of thousands of assessment instruments but does not attempt to review or evaluate tests.

Educators' Handbook on Effective Testing, Ref LB3051.E395 2003

Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment, Ref BF39 .E497 2003

Handbook of Psychological and Educational Assessment of Children, Ref BF 722.H33 2003


Use Psyctests to find full texts of tests and measures.  This database from APA has full text of over 7,000 measures.