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SPE 504: Fall 2019

Before You Get Started...

Before you start your research, think about how you will keep track of the articles and other sources you find. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • You can use the folder tools built-in to the library databases.
  • You can save the articles themselves to your Google Drive or your own hard drive.
  • You can email yourself the articles. 

Finding Research Articles

Education Source & ERIC

Suggested search terms:

  • Students with disabilities
  • Individualized education plan 
  • 504 / Section 504 / Section 504 plans / 504 plans 
  • Strategies
  • Accommodations
  • Support
  • Inclusion
  • Parent participation in education
  • Family school partnership or family school collaboration
  • Specific to your interviewee: 
    • The student's disability (hearing loss, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, etc.) 
    • The professionals that worked with the student (psychologist, occupational therapist, etc.) 
  • Specific subject areas (writing, mathematics, etc.)

Search Tips

  • Use the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals checkbox on the left side of the screen to find peer-reviewed journals
  • Use the Publication Date sliders if you want to narrow your results to a certain time frame (like the last 5 years)
  • Need more sources? Check out our guide on finding sources using bibliographies.

Reading Tips

Ask a Librarian