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TED 310: Technology and Civilization

A few thoughts...

  • Although most search tools will look for all of the words you search for, they don't always look for those words together. If you want to search for a specific phrase, put it in quotes - e.g. "educational technology." (This works in Google and most library databases.) 
  • You may want to consider how your choice of technology affects your thoughts on your guiding question. For example, military technology will have a very different effect on the security of human life than agricultural technology. 
  • You may find it useful to focus on a specific type or example of technology with a broad area. Some examples:
    • Refrigerants (environmental technology)
    • Recycling (waste management technology)
    • Smart phones (telecommunications technology)  
  • Don't dismiss books as a possible source - I know you probably don't have time to read an entire book for this assignment. However, many academic books are collections of chapters written by different people - you might find one or two useful chapters.
  • I assume that each of you will have different levels of comfort / expertise with library research. Here are some "how to" guides you might find useful: 
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