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Curriculum Mapping

How do I approach my department(s) to find out what their information literacy needs are, and where instruction might fit in?

  • Speak with the department Chair either individually or try to attend a Department meeting.  Since all departments recently assessed their efforts to infuse information literacy into their curriculum, the following questions will help you discover and discern how well their infusion efforts succeeded.
  • Suggested questions to address in the discussions with departments about their assessment report findings:
    • How do faculty see library instruction supporting their course and program learning outcomes?
      • Ask if they (the faculty) are happy with the work they're getting from their students.  If not, perhaps instruction in one or two targeted courses might help (be sure you've looked at the departmental writing plan, and note which courses are supposed to be "research and writing intensive" to make this suggestion.)
    • We know that they assessed information literacy this year for general education.  Ask if you can discuss their findings and work together to develop a plan of action that will address any areas of concern?
    • Which course was assessed?  Did the librarian provide instruction for this course?
  • If you are unsure about how to approach your department(s), speak with the Coordinator of Instruction, Assistant Coordinator of Instruction, or the Assistant Director for help.  One of us would be happy to accompany you to department meetings if you'd like to address these questions.
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