Want to embed this guide in Blackboard?

  1. Choose the module you'd like to add the guide to, and click Build Content.

  2. Click Research Guides (under the Mashups heading).

    Screenshot of Blackboard 'build content' contextual menu

  3. Enter a title for the guide (whatever you'd like) and click Submit.

  4. Click on the name of the item you just created.

  5. You will see a dropdown menu with one option; select it.

  6. This should produce another dropdown menu, this one with several options. Select "Full LibGuide."

    Screenshot of the LibGuides manual LTI options in Blackboard

  7. Under Guide, select Multimedia Project Guide, and click Embed Content. You don't have to select anything for Guide Page or Box.

    Screenshot of LibGuides LTI - manual option - in Blackboard

Here's a quick (15 sec.) screencast to show you what it looks like in Blackboard:

(If you're having trouble viewing the video, try going directly to Screencast to view it.)