Start Your Research

Company Type

Depending on your company type, use the public, private, non-profit, or new company pages of this library guide to begin your research. 

Begin your company research by first finding some background information. Financials, employee numbers, company leadership, industry, company history, and industry codes will provide helpful information as you begin to learn about your company. Your company's website or the Gale Business: Insights database can be great places to locate background information. Don't rely just on the company website for your information. Generally, companies will more readily share information that paints their businesses in a positive light. It is critical that you find additional sources that are less biased. Use the criteria explained on Penfield's How to Evaluate Your Sources guide to judge your sources.


What about Wikipedia? You can use Wikipedia for your research but use it wisely. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and can be used as a starting point for your research. Use the references used to track down the original sources of information. The following short video explains how to use Wikipedia for your academic research.

Time Management for Your Research

Be sure to allow plenty of time to go through your selected sources.

The Assignment Calculator can help you plan your work. Create an account to receive email alerts to keep you on schedule.