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The following sites contain open textbooks in a variety of subject areas, but the links below will take you directly to the textbooks about business. This is by no means an exhaustive list!

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Featured Textbooks

Business Plan Development Guide

Lee A. Swanson, University of Saskatchewan

Challenging the Chain: Governing the Automated Exchange and Processing of Business Information

Nitesh Bharosa
Remco van Wijk
Niels de Winne
Marijn F.W.H.A. Janssen

Introduction to Business

Senior Contributing Authors: Lawrence J. Gitman, San Diego State University - Emeritus
Carl McDaniel, University of Texas, Arlington
Amit Shah, Frostburg State University
Monique Reece
Linda Koffel, Houston Community College
Bethann Talsma, Davenport University and Grand Rapids Community College
James C. Hyatt, University of The Cumberlands

International Business

Mason Carpenter, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Sanjyot Dunung, Atma Global

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