Basic Database Searching

This page provides a list of databases that cover business topics. Use them to locate articles that provide current and historical analysis of your company. 

Each database's search screen will look different but you can always search by company name to locate relevant articles. You can improve your search by adding additional relevant keywords. In the example below, we're using the ABI/INFORM Global database to find articles about Google and its weaknesses: Google is the first keyword and weaknesses is the second keyword.

Use database limiters to reduce the number of articles to the most relevant results for your search. In the second example below, ABI/INFORM Global has over 15,000 articles about Google and its weaknesses. This database allows you to limit the number of results in multiple ways, including limiting to peer-reviewed articles and type of source (e.g., books and scholarly journals).

When searching databases, keywords are more effective than typing in a question. Use keywords to search and database limiters for more relevant results. Visit Penfield's Search Basics guide for additional tips and examples.

Screenshot of ABI/Inform Global database search with "google" AND "weaknesses" entered as keywords.

The tutorial video below will introduce you to finding articles and books about your company. Note that this video was created during Penfield Library's pandemic closure. Penfield is open for visits, and current hours are available on the Penfield website.

Find Journal Articles - Key Databases

Find Journal Articles - Specialized Databases

Find Journal Articles - Multidisciplinary Databases