Drexel University: College of Medicine Legacy Center

The Lida Poynter Manuscripts contains thirty linear feet of papers from 1850 to 1946 and forty-two photographs. It consists of a typed [unpublished] manuscript of Lida Poynter on the life of Dr. Walker. There are also about 12,000 pages of notes on journal articles, newspaper articles and correspondence to and from Dr. Walker [nineteenth century]. The photographs were collected by Mrs. Poynter "from various sources." 


Schelesinger Library

Schelesinger Library
Radcliffe College
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Included in this collection is a postcard dated 1888, from Dr. Walker to William Bok concerning her attempts to vote. Also at this location is the Jessie Tarbox Beals photo collection. This photographer took pictures for many people including Dr. Walker, whose photograph is in this collection.


Military Service Branch
National Archives and Records Administration
Washington, D.C.  20408

In this collection is one roll of 35mm duplicate postive microfilm of the selected military service records relating to Mary Walker, M.D.

Pennsylvania State Archives

North Third and Forster Streets
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105

The Liliane Stevens Howard collection contains a bibliographical essay on Dr. Mary Walker [source:  Andrea Hinding (ed.), Women's History Sources.  New York:  Bowker, 19797.]  MS Group 73

Chicago Historical Society

Chicago Historical Society
Clark Street at North Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60614

The society maintains a women's suffrage collection of about 25 items covering the period 1871-1910.  Dr. Walker is represented in this collection.  [source:  Andrea Hinding, (ed.), Women's History Sources.  New York:  Bowker, 1979]

University of Iowa Libraries

Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, IA 52242

This collection includes an autographed 1866 letter to William H. Newell from Dr. Walker about a proposed lecture and included in the collection is a photograph of Dr. Walker and a printed page entitled "Extract from Dr. L.T. Frall's Herald of Health."