What are Course Reserves?

Course Reserves are classroom materials that instructors make available at the library for students to borrow for limited periods of time. These materials can include books, articles, videos, music CDs, and photocopies. Instructors can place both physical and electronic materials on reserve. Physical materials are housed at the Check Out/Reserves Desk. Electonic materials will be accessed online by logging into the course reserves system. 

How to Find Items on Reserve

1. Search the Course Reserves System

  • First, use the course reserves system to check to see if materials have been put on reserve for a class. The page is also linked from the library's homepage.
  • You can either use your LakerNet ID credentials or the student's to log in to the course reserves system. Students will need either the course number or instructor name to search.
  • Once you've found the needed item, give the student the call number. They will need either the call number or instructor's name to borrow the item at the Check Out/Reserves Desk.
  • If you did not find the item, move on to search the catalog.

2. Search the Catalog

  • The library generally does not buy textbooks and not all course materials are available on course reserves. Sometimes, however, the library may own an older edition of a book used in a course.
  • Search by title using the "Find Research Materials" search engine on the library's homepage.  Use the pull down menu to search All Books.
  • If the library owns an older edition, suggest the student share this with their professor to check to see if the older edition would be appropriate. Give them the call number.
  • It is possible that you will not always find course materials even after searching the catalog and the course reserves system. Unfortunately, the library is not able to buy every textbook and not every professor is able to make course materials available for reserve.

Search Course Reserves